About Us

In 2015, Kit Media started with one goal in mind: to make the process of designing websites smooth, transparent, and predictable. Our company’s founders, Josh and Ali, come from eCommerce. They ran an eCommerce business prior to Kit Media, and frustratingly shuffled through several web design agencies. They started Kit Media to provide companies with a reliable web design partner.

After launching a new website, the next question is always “How can we get traffic to the site?” About a year in, Kit Media built out a Google marketing division, to help clients generate targeted traffic.

Since 2015, Kit Media has designed and developed nearly 1,000 websites, and helped hundreds of Clients build a strong Google presence. We continue to geek out about new web design trends, and stay on top of all of Google’s updates, both minor and major core algorithm changes, to put our clients in a position to succeed.


Websites Launched

After this many launched sites, we have a surefire process to get your websites designed and developed accurately and efficiently.


Keywords Improved

We spend time studying google so you don't have to! Our SEO team is proficient in google's ongoing algorithm changes so that your keywords stay on the first page of searches.


Recurring Clients

Over the last 7 years, 92% of our clients have done more than one project or task with us.

How You'll Grow with Kit Media


A successful digital marketing strategy requires two key components; targeted website traffic, and a website that converts that traffic into qualified leads.


Kit Media’s team is composed of website designers with a focus on highly professional, high converting websites, as well as Google marketing experts whom are knowledgeable about the search algorithm and remain informed regarding all updates.


Our goal is to design a website that will properly portray your business, and execute a Google marketing strategy driving targeted visitors to your site.

What to Expect

When you work with Kit Media, you’ll have a web partner, not a vendor. Your point of contact will be available to assist as needed. Your experience with Kit Media will feel like more of a relationship, than a transaction. Due to the experience we’ve gained working on hundreds of projects, our process is fine-tuned. You can expect no surprises, and strategic execution.

Leadership Team

Josh Ludin


Ali Kitenplon

Marketing Director

Mike Horton

Business Development Coordinator