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Kit Media is your partner in creating a website your customers easily understand. We are a top provider for website translation and guarantee to offer you high-quality services at competitive rates. Our language specialists are the best on the market and provide error-free content translation in any language you require.

Why is localization so important?

English is currently spoken by 1.5 billion people worldwide (about 20% of the world population) but offering your website in several languages is a vital element in triggering the success of your online marketing strategy. Studies show that more than 60% of people prefer to browse the internet using their native-language websites. The same behavior can be observed in online shopping. People trust and prefer their native-language websites for shopping both for products and services.

Why lose valuable customers? Choose Kit Media as your trusted partner to localize your website. Check out our offer below and choose the best plan to suits your needs. We guarantee top quality error-free localization.

Top 5 reasons why you should choose to localize your website:

Reach out to a
broader audience

Borders are highly flexible nowadays. Products and services travel abroad, and in today’s world that is interconnected through the internet, English is not enough. There are high potential markets that are still waiting to be conquered, and precious customers should have access to your service and products. One language is not enough for reaching the maximum growth of your business.

Listen to your website data

Advanced website analytics can tell you plenty of information about your visitors, including their browsing location. Carefully check your analytics, you might be surprised to discover that many users are not local. Translating the website into the language of a majority of your customers can unlock a significant business growth potential.

Increase trust and gain
better reputation

A bad website experience will increase your bounce rate and cause you to lose customers. Localize your website and adapt it to the local, cultural background to offer your visitors the best experience. Make it easier for them to browse through content and gain trust that will further trigger more sales and business growth.

Improve SEO optimization

Search engines function based on the words people search. As we all prefer our own native language, instinctively, we browse the internet in our first language. Your website will  gain a significantly higher page ranking if you localize in a native language and use the keywords related to your business your customers prefer to search.

Higher conversion rate

Your ultimate business goal is to transform browsers into buyers. Studies show that over 50% of users prefer to shop online in their own native language. Most people rarely or never make a purchase from an English only website. A native language website is more convenient, trustworthy, and the content is more explicit for the average user. This further triggers a higher conversion rate, more sales, and business growth.

Choose Kit Media as your partner to stay connected to customers from various cultures and tell your business story in their own language. Learn more about our offer and contact us for a personalized offer for your website based on the number of pages and languages required.

What’s included in our services:

General website pages translation in a variety of languages

We help you speak your customer’s languages. Based on your website analytics or your business objectives, we will localize your website in any language required. Our specialists are native speakers and ensure accurate and high-quality localization of your content. We offer reliable translation to pave the way for your connection to the rest of the world.

Website product description translation

We will help you accurately translate your products so that your customers quickly and clearly understand what they are buying. People need extensive and accurate information to gain trust in any business. Speaking in their own mother-tong is the key, and Kit Media is your partner on your way to success. Don’t worry about your brand. Our highly qualified specialists understand and can translate the brand or corporate identity in another language while taking care of local cultural particularities.

Technical or medical website translation

We hire highly versatile specialists that can adapt to any website. Our people are experienced in translating a variety of sites, don’t worry if your website is technical. Our translators have extensive knowledge in various fields and can provide accurate and error-free translation in any language required.

Why trust us?

Kit Media is an ATA certified, award-winning and recognized translation service provider worldwide. We have more than 99 % client retention. We guarantee our people are highly professional translators with extensive experience in various fields that understand the clients’ needs and can provide accurate translation in any language required, regardless of the industry. They know how to protect your brand identity and to pay attention to cultural particularities.

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