Phase 1


Kesher’s three main objectives when building their new site were to highlight their program offerings, provide information about upcoming events and allow users to submit advertisements and donations directly on the site. Kesher offers special educational services unlike any other program, thus it was important to organize and highlight their many unique offerings throughout the site. In addition, Kesher is a non-profit organization that heavily relies on donations from the community so the ability for the school to easily accept donations online benefits them greatly.

Phase 2

Graphic Mockups


The most essential part of Kesher’s program is of course the students, which is why student images are strategically placed throughout the site. Because educational sites tend to be text heavy, it was important to focus on balancing the text to image ratio while still conveying all of Kesher’s credentials. The white background and neutral blue and yellows throughout the site are consistent with the Kesher branding and also allow for the student imagery and experience to be a focal point.

Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

The Launch of the revamped Kesher site has positioned them as an elite school in their community. The Kesher team is now able to use their website as an informative and educational tool for future and current students. The updated advertising and donation portal will also be a huge contributor to their future success.


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